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You haven't lived until you've stayed up all weekend with your friends eating pizza and not sleeping for a hackathon. My two developer friends quit their day jobs to start their own business and I wanted to help.

The Problem

We had 48 hours to launch a website without any sleep. Since they were starting a new company and didn't have a website, we started brainstorming over dinner and all agreed that a one page website would work perfectly.


We decided the five important sections would be: Introduction, Services, Clients, About, and Contact. It was important to be light on content and heavy on imagery to get the point across that Devcorr was a development agency. I wanted everything to look very clean and a main call to action to contact them.


Working with two developers was a treat because we spoke the same language and could move fast. All of us being in the same room was easy because we could immediately stop a bad idea from going down the wrong path or keep pushing a good idea further. We could also work in tandem which was essential because of our timeline.


You'll notice that there's a pattern to every section: image, white space, image, white space, image. I thought this was a nice way of breaking up the content into more digestible sections.


After a weekend of no sleep, we all were really excited and proud of what we accomplished in 48 hours. Devcorr soon found its first few clients, and the rest is in the history books. Here's the live version.

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Let's Chat

I'm always here to help with your ideas. Feel free to email your inquiries, requests, and travel tips to hi@andyphil.com. If you want to learn more about me, you can find me on LinkedIn.