Life Legacy - Startup

My Dad had an idea about building biographies for loved ones. I helped him bring his idea of Life Legacy to life.

The Problem

We wanted to build a website that made it easy for the user to understand the idea and sign up for Life Legacy with little to no effort. The main benefit would be saving someone the countless hours they would spend creating the biography themselves.

Competitive Research

I looked at to see how other services started out. I learned that most successful services started out as a one page websites to validate their idea before moving forward.

User Scenario

I created a user scenario to show my stakeholder what I was thinking for our idea. It shows the happy path of a users journey from Facebook to successfully signing up.


I divided the website into easily digestible sections. I wanted them to be able to; learn about the idea, see a sample, learn how it works, learn how much it costs, and sign up.


I wanted to keep the design very simple and clean. The main goal was to have readable headers, and a bright color so that the "Join the waitlist!" button was easily visible to users.


I wrote emails to friends and family asking for feedback. I also went into coffee shops and gave participants $10 gift cards to get open and honest thoughts. I was shocked to learn that they wanted more information and I kept thinking the users would want LESS. I decided to add an about section as well as a final product section due to their feedback.


This project launched on October 1, 2017. I'm very excited about how everything turned out and I'm still thinking about the next steps to move forward. Check out the live version.