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Ruzicka Group

When working with a remote client, I knew it was important to spend most of my time listening and understanding before jumping into anything. A lot of time was spent on the phone understanding who Ruzicka Group Services was and how they wanted to present themselves. I researched their competitors and captured their thoughts about what they liked and didn't.

The Problem

The problem was that Ruzicka Group Services had been in business for several years, but this was their first website. This was a blessing as well as a curse because I had no foundation to base the website on. Research, understanding their needs, and a lot of phone calls started that foundation.


The most important elements Ruzicka Group Services wanted on their website was their phone number and a quote. It was important that their contact information was always in the header and footer at all times so that the user could easily get to it. They also wanted big beautiful imagery to convey a friendly message that they want there to help.


Lots of time was spent between wirframe and feedback for fast iterations. I'd walk my client through the experience, they'd propose changes and ideas, I'd make updates, then I'd call them again for feedback. With each iteration, my client was happier and then they were ready for a polished design.


I wanted a beautiful fun picture on the homepage that showed health and happiness. I also wanted there to be two quick call to actions to either get a quote or call because that's why most people find this website. The blue reminded me of insurance, but also health and it complimented the prosperous image very well.


Ruzicka Group Services was happy with the final product. They loved how friendly it was, easy to use, and that it looked great on any device. This project also gave me more confidence to find more remote freelance. Check out the live version.

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