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UX Toolkits

I built Alliance Data's first UX Toolkit and their firstcomponent library. This wasn't a project I was assigned or asked to work on, but rather I created because I saw a need. Having a strong foundation to build upon was essential if we were going to redesign 200+ client websites.

The Problem

Within a few weeks of redesign I noticed two large problems. The UX team was having to recreate the same UI components in Axure and the development team was having to re-code these same components again and again.

UX Toolkit

I knew that we needed something different than a style guide — we needed a resource to show patterns, design decisions, and interactive components to ensure consistency across all of our pages. Then we could avoid from having the same UI components looking/functioning different ways on different pages. The UX Toolkit was my solution to this problem.

Component Library

The component library was a solution to the problem of having to recreate components in Axure. Now we can simply drag and drop components to quickly wireframe and prototype.

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Let's Chat

I'm always here to help with your ideas. Feel free to email your inquiries, requests, and travel tips to hi@andyphil.com. If you want to learn more about me, you can find me on LinkedIn.