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Alliance Data - UX Toolkits

I built Alliance Data's first UX Toolkit and their first component library. This wasn't a project I was assigned or asked to work on, but rather I created because I saw a need. Having a strong UX component library is essential when you're building UX for 200+ client websites.

The Problem

Within a few weeks of our website redesign, I noticed two large problems. The UX team was having to recreate the same UI components in Axure and the development team was recoding the same components over and over.

UX Toolkit

We needed a resource to communicate to business partners our UX patterns, design decisions, and interactive components to ensure consistency across all of our pages. Then we could avoid from having the same UI components looking/functioning different ways on different pages. The UX Toolkit was my solution to this problem.

Component Library

The component library was a solution to the problem of having to recreate components in Axure. Now we can simply drag and drop components to quickly wireframe and prototype.

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Let's Chat

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